Our journey with this amazing breed began nearly 14 years ago when we decided that a Great Dane was the breed of choice for us. I, personally, had always wanted one of the giant breeds, but had never had the opportunity. After much research and consideration, our family chose a Great Dane due to their gentleness and personality traits. They are true to their nickname of the Gentle Giants of dogs.

We were so blessed to have Patriot (pictured below) come into our world. He filled it with love, loyalty, and friendship. He became a Therapy Dog and went with us to convalescent homes and children's hospitals. Seeing the children's faces when he walked in was priceless. Watching him nuzzle up to an elderly person sitting quietly by themselves and seeing the transformation from withdrawn to engaged, was just simply amazing.

For these reasons and more, we chose to pass on the experience of the Great Dane by creating Patriot Great Danes. We hope that you will go on to love this breed as we do and have many years of complete joy with your new puppy!

Quality AKC Registered Fawn Great Danes.

Bred For Health, Temperament, Conformation and Color Purity.

We Are Located In Texas.